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3D Creative Galaxy Lunar Night Light

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3colors touch
16colors remote
16colors touchremote
7colors remote
7colors touch
16colors touch
7colors touchremote




Function and Operation:
Three-color patted note description:
1. When the bottom switch is turned on, you can start to flap;
2. Pat the vibration sensor;
The flapping of the sphere produces three-color shifts, yellow-white-warm white-off, and so on.

Colorful Pats Description:
1. When the bottom switch is turned on, you can start to flap;
2. Pat the vibration sensor;
Shooting the sphere will produce seven color changes, namely red light - green light - purple light - yellow light - purple light - magenta - white light - off, so cycle.

Remote Control Instructions:
1. On/Off Lights on or off
2. Yellow/White White/Yellow Mode
3. Colorful/fixed color Colorful gradient / fixed color (can use this button to enter the colorful gradient mode or to fix the current color)
4. Dim-Brightening Five-speed dimming (light can be adjusted or dimmed by the light adjustment button, the light cannot be adjusted in the colorful mode)
5.15 minutes - 30 minutes - 60 minutes Timed off function.

Product size: 12CM/15CM/18CM
Light color: color
Light type: LED
Product material: PVC+ABS
Product battery: polymer lithium battery 500mAh
Lifetime: 3-5 hours
Charging time: USB charging for 2 hours
Input voltage and power: DC 3.7V / 3.7W

Package Content:

1x light

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